Cleaning the gutters and roof of your house can be a messy affair, but it is very important to keep the storm water drainage system totally free from clogs. Decomposing pine needles, twigs, leaves, and other debris will create blockages in your gutter system, and causing harm to your foundation plantings and its foundation itself. Better invest in the quality leaf guards for gutters.

Fortunately, simple-to-install gutter guards like leaf guards prevent debris and leaves from clogging up your current gutter system. There are some products in the different categories that will judge performance on various levels. Continue reading to know more about the gutter protection and hands-on recommendations for the quality gutter guards available in the market.

Spend Less Money and Time on Maintenance

Debris such as branches, leaves, shingle granules and pine needles, accumulate in gutters and downspouts. You might even find the occasional nest or animal carcass. To prevent clogs, you need to clean your gutters. You might also hire a gutter cleaner now and then. With gutter guards, your gutters and downspouts are protected from debris, so you spend less time and money cleaning them. They might even reduce your need for storm damage roof repair.

Gutter protection can help your home and business keep its quality of life.

  • Keep your gutters clear of debris and debris.
  • Gutter protection can help prevent damage to the gutter itself.
  • Gutter protection keeps you from having to replace your gutters every few years.

Types of the Gutter Guards

There’re many kind of gutter guards in the market, from the DIY guards to the professionally installed mesh. Here is the breakdown of each type out here.


The screen gutter guards generally have big holes that will keep out debris and leaves. You can install this by lifting bottom row of the roof shingles & sliding an edge of screen below it. The screen guards are simple to install and affordable on own, but will blow off in the windy conditions & get brittle with time.


The mesh guards are made from plastic or metal and have the small holes, which filter water when blocking out debris. These guards are a bit expensive and tough to install than the screen guards, however their holes are smaller, thus preventing debris from clogging the gutters.


These gutter guards are quite similar to the mesh guards. Also, they have the small holes, which keep out the debris and make water to flow over them. But, holes on the micro-mesh gutter guards are smaller than regular mesh guards, letting this to keep out small debris too.